The best drug rehabilitation for middle aged cocaine addicts

Research shows that cocaine addiction in middle class women has risen by over 50 percent in the past 2 years. As a drug rehab center, we have fears that the drug, which is commonly used together with alcohol, is taking a hold on the social lives on the lifestyles of professional women. The most worrying thing is that these women view the drug as glamorous. As a matter of fact, about 8 women seek help from us as best drug rehabilitation for cocaine addiction problems every day.

Factors that are fueling the epidemic

We have noticed increased efforts by law enforcers to address the problem. We have also noted that over the past decade, they have had to give 500 percent more warnings to women over the possession of cocaine in the country. The reasons behind the rise in the epidemic include:

    • Attitudes about the drug: Traditionally, cocaine was seen as a glamorous drug that was only accessible to the rich. Over the decades however, the drug has gotten cheaper, making it available to the middle class. The ‘glamorous’ image has however, not faded, which pushes these professionals into puffing the drug. Middle aged women tend to be vulnerable to the use of the drug because most have reached a level of their lives and careers where nothing is exciting any more. They therefore seek the artificial thrill that comes with using the drug.
    • The perceived side effects: Not many of these women have a lot of information about the possible side effects of using these drugs. Unfortunately, they realize they are in trouble when symptoms such as insomnia and heart problems start disturbing them.

Rehabilitation for cocaine abuse

We feel that middle class women pose a very unique challenge to the centers that offer rehabilitation services. This is because most of the addicts are poly drug abusers. Also, pharmacological solutions aren’t working at the moment because there are no FDA approved medications to deal with cocaine addiction. The other challenge is that these women have the money to access these drugs whenever, which makes relapse easier.

The approach that we as one of the best drug rehab facilities in the country are taking to deal with this problem includes the behavioral approach. Instead of trying to use medication alone to get the victims off the drugs, we use counseling sessions and group therapy. Every one of our patients is in a support group.For further details on Missouri drug rehab visit us on yelp.

The groups are headed by professionals whose main aim is to change the deep rooted attitudes that make it so difficult for addicts to stay clean after they leave the rehab. We equip our patients with skills that ultimately help them resist the temptation to relapse once they are through with the treatment. The patients also get lifetime sponsors. These are people who have been addicted and have conquered the addiction. Midwest institue for addiction in kansas city help the patients to overcome and stay strong after their time at the best drug rehabilitation centers.