A drug rehab centre that respects your need for confidentiality

As much as drug abuse has become a common practice in our society today, drug addicts are still stigmatized. Although most of us are addicted to something without realizing it, we still look at those taking hard drugs like some abnormal people. What we do not realize is that an addiction is an addiction despite what you are addicted to. It may be those painkillers and sleeping pills you cannot stop popping or the hard drugs like cocaine. Nobody is better; we all need acceptance, help and support. Unfortunately not everyone will share this opinion. People will still stigmatized drug addicts even when they reform, costing them reputations, jobs and normal lives by frequently being referred to as junkies among other names.  Is your drug addiction a well kept dark secret and you would like to get treatment?  You should then consider our drug rehab centre for various reasons;


When an addict checks into our facility, their personal information is kept strictly confidential. All our staff, from the professional doctors and therapists to the janitor has signed a non disclosure agreement to keep our patients anonymous to the people outside the facility. You do not need to worry about people finding out about your problem or rehabilitation while in our facility. Here you will get treatment without the world knowing about it.

Remote locations

Our facilities are located in remote areas which are sparsely populated with a serene environment. We take you away from the normal hustle and bustle of town centers and take you to a quiet and private place. You do not have to worry about being seen by people who may identify you and spread the gossip about your illness. In our facilities you get to let go and get in a holiday mood while working towards beating that addiction.

Private recovery programs

We take it in our stride to keep clients recovery as private as possible upon their request.  You will be assigned a personal therapist and other medical attendants who will attend to you in a private area if that is what you prefer.  The private recovery programs are specially designed to keep your treatment as private as possible and we ensure that you leave the facility a recovered person but still respected out there.

We have helped rehabilitate celebrities and influential people who up to date, you cannot tell if they ever had a drug problem or were booked in a drug rehab centre. That is how confidential your treatment will be if you check in any of our facilities. Your drug addiction is an issue that has a solution. Do not let it impact your life negatively because you are afraid other people will find out.  We will give you an effective and private solution.To get more information on drug rehab center, follow us on facebook page.